Who Am I?

I’m an experienced System Administrator born in Australia with Irish citizenship with a very personal approach to IT. I ensure that all users feel truly listened to and am the point of call for everything from Scripting, AWS, local servers, cloud migrations and IT Support.

My Skills

  • English (Mother Tongue)
  • German (B1.5)
  • Expert GSuite/O365 skills from migration/maintenance to documentation
  • Excellent documentation skills for all skill levels
  • Security maintainer and designer
  • ITSM (Spiceworks) builder and user Experienced teacher and trainer
  • Full linux/AWS/VM/windows/mac server and pc maintenance skills
  • LDAP/AD/DNS/DHCP (setup and management)
  • Excellent automator and ticket/issue manager

What I've Done

From my work as an employee to that of a business owner

Job History

Director-Sysadmin / Self-employed, Australia/Germany

Manage all IT Resources for multiple SMB’s with 3-60 employees, consulting, training, server building and management, VMs and DR, Gsuite migration and management, O365, AWS, scripting, ordering/imaging, consultancy and ITSupport. All managed through Spiceworks ITSM. Experience training users with special needs or of advanced age.

DATES FROM 2014 TO 2017
Sysadmin / ZooRepublic, Australia

System Administrator for Marketing agency of up to 60 people including maintaining a DevOps team. Responsible for building and maintain a PBX system, multiple AWS servers, repo management, IT Support, on+off-site backups, DR plans, security training and virtualization.


What else you should know

A short outine of interests


Interactive/Technical theater (see art website HERE)

Researching and experimenting with (open-source) technologies

Bachata (dance)